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Emerging Sports Panel

The International Olympic Committee announced at the IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro that it was undergoing the most comprehensive evolution of the Olympic programme in modern history.   Plans by the IOC are to energize a  movement to take sport to an audience with a focus toward a younger generation, innovation, and flexibility that provide gender equality and a legacy value.    With that in mind, the LA Sports Summit has chosen four sports to highlight this emerging trend that are extremely popular, in a growth mode, and embrace the future of the type of sports we believe will fulfill this vision for the future.  On our panel we have included the leaders in surfing, skateboarding, functional fitness (CrossFit), and lacrosse.  All are experiencing incredible expansion worldwide with new models that showcase their sport's popularity.   This panel will explore the developments and future plans from the leaders in each sport. 


Jack M. Caress, PhD, LA Sports Summit Director. LA Sports Council and SCCOG Board Member.


Paul Rabil

Professional Lacrosse Player. Co-Founder, Premier Lacrosse League, 2-Time World Lacrosse Champion with Team USA. 2-Time NCAA Champion at Johns Hopkins.

Nick Street

Vice President of Global Integrated Marketing at Vans.

Gretchen Kittlelberger

President, International Functional Fitness Federation