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eSports 101 and 201: From the Basics to the Next Level

This session will consist of two parts. Part one (eSports 101) will provide a brief and entertaining tutorial on eSports (what it is, how it is growing, the nature of the sport, etc.) in order for attendees to gain a general understanding of the eSports ecosystem and the industry’s dynamic innovation and growth. The second part (eSports 201) will be a panel discussion of eSports experts who will take a more in-depth approach and explore the ideas and concepts introduced in the tutorial.


Richard Brand
San Francisco Managing Partner and Head of the Sports Group, Arent Fox LLP. LA Sports Council Board Member


Bryce Blum, Founding Partner, ESG Law (Esports and Gaming Law). Contributing Writer at ESPN on eSports and op-eds on business and legal issues facing the eSports industry.

Chuck Steedman, Chief Operating & Development Officer at AEG Facilities LLC

Chris Hopper, Head of Esports (North America) at RIOT Games

Ari Segal, CEO, Immortals (Professional eSports franchise)