The World of Sport Comes Through LA

June 2020


Los Angeles Sports Summit®

The Los Angeles area is home to more professional sports teams, more Division I schools, and more top-notch sports venues than any city in America. Further, over 15 million tickets are sold to area sporting events each year. Frankly, sports in Southern California is big business. The inaugural LA Sports Summit is designed to examine the world of sport in the number one sports city in the world — Los Angeles! The conference will engage thought leaders, dealmakers, industry stakeholders and athletes on innovation, trends, leadership, and the business of sport in the region and beyond. The Summit is presented by the Los Angeles Sports Council and the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG) and will take place annually in the early summer.

“A sense of community can be hard to come by in Los Angeles. Those who live here don’t share a common urban environment. Some of us live near the beach, some in the mountains and some in the desert—not to mention that most of us live in one of the dozens of cities which lie outside the Los Angeles city limits. What cuts through the clutter and provides a regional sense of community isn’t the freeways or the weather—it’s sports. When the Dodgers are in the World Series or the Rams are in the Super Bowl, or when we host the Olympics or the World Cup, it’s the ultimate water-cooler moment. We feel a sense of pride and shared experience with our neighbors and co-workers that otherwise doesn’t happen here, but which we desperately need. These occasions, which only sports can provide, make us a closer and better community.”

David Simon, President of the Los Angeles Sports Council from 1988 to 2018.